How To Start Hiring

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Dont worry about the hard tasks that you cannot fulfil, use our pool of professionals to get the job done for you and focus on the small tasks that matter. Simply sign up as an employer to start hiring today.



  • How do I hire a freelancer

    Sign up

    Simply sign up and create an account, user our search box on our header or the homepage to search for the services you need and simply hire the person that that you feel is right for the task.

  • How do I make payment to the freelancer

    Wallet System

    To protect you we have an Escrow wallet system. We encourage to use our platform to pay for your services for your own protection we hold the funds until your task is complete or if its an ongoing service until each milestone is achieved. This protects you from any potential cases where you may need to dispute.

  • What happens if a freelancer does not deliver?

    Back your claim up

    If you hire a freelancer and they do not deliver their end of the bargain then you can raise a dispute with us, we may ask you to provide evidence so please bare this in mind and keep all transactions and communications on our platform to protect yourself and make disputes easier for us to handle.


How to start selling

Manage Your Profitable Account

Simply sign up to become a freelancer. Fill out your profile the best you can to showcase your skills, services and portfolio to maximise your chances or being selected for a job.



  • How and when do I receive payment

    Wallet System

    Once you complete a task or a job we will submit your payment to you that the customer would have already made into our wallet system.

  • How much does it cost to be a Seller?

    Commission based fees

    We only take our commission of 15%. 

  • What happens if a employer makes false accusations to prevent release of funds?

    Innocent until proven guilty

    We will always ask either party to show evidence supporting their claims, we encourage all transactions and communications happen via our platform so we always have a paper trial otherwise any claims have to be backed up by evidence. If evednce cannot be provided then funds will be released as normal. 


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